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(aliya : pronounced /ah-lee-ah/ : meaning: bull elephant at the head of the herd, to lead, succeed, advance)

What We Do

Our mission is to help UK and European banks, financial institutions and fintechs better serve hardworking individuals and small businesses in need of credit at fair and equitable conditions.

Aliya Europe is a value creation company founded and fully funded by the industry’s leading data scientists, risk managers, and financial innovators focused on giving you incremental value from your balance sheet and increased cross-selling. Using machine learning and big data analytics, we enable banks and other financial institutions to create deeper, more profitable lending relationships with their existing underserved customers. We leverage technology originally developed by our US based  counterpart AFT Analytics, LLC.

Partner With Us

Aliya Europe serves as a white-label solution and innovation partner to financial institutions—not a marketplace competitor. Our sophisticated credit policy helps financial institutions lend more safely, accurately, and profitably, while deepening their existing customer relationships.


Grow Your Consumer Loan Portfolio
  • Deepen Customer Relationships Discover your non-prime customers who can perform as near-prime/prime, and push out fairly priced pre-screened unsecured loan offers to this underserved customer base.
  • Expand Your Underwriting Cut-Off Expand your lending population by 30% or more and add incremental, high NIM assets to your balance sheet.


We are looking for a launch partner for the UK and Europe.

If you would like to leap-frog the competition; increase return on equity and improve cross-selling – please contact us to discuss developing an opportunity analysis.



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